Où Aller/Que Faire?

À Paris & En France

You can use the lessons to prepare for your trip to France!


Pierre is familiar with most of France and, having grown up in Paris, knows and loves Paris too.
His father was a photographer who worked for the French Tourism* office and, as a child, Pierre traveled all over France in a caravan (seen on this page).
You will be introduced to an e-guide he created which includes the known, and the lesser known, highlights of Paris.

Pierre’s father also photographed many French cultural figures like Picasso, Chagall, Cocteau, Prévert, Camus…
The richness of that patrimoine (cultural heritage) can be also a way to get to know France.

Et, si vous le voulez… And, if you would like, Pierre has a large collection of French music he will be glad to introduce you to.
The amazing diversity ofLa chanson française/francophone” has inspired and continues to inspire singers all over the world; besides French cuisine, this is one of the many remarkable assets of la culture française.

*Besides a book on Paris, he produced the poster Paris, Ville Lumière, seen on this site’s front page.